💻 Web3 Builders: Phala

Hi everyone! The next Web3 Builders will be held at UTC 14:00 on Apr.14, next Tuesday. We will have Hang Yin from Phala who will share:

  • the structure of Phala
  • how to build a confidential smart contract on Substrate
  • Why you should use Web3 Analytics, a decentralized data analytics tool, instead of GA :slight_smile:

PLEASE come join us and learn the latest tech you should know about breach-proof data exchange and privacy protection :sunglasses::sunglasses:

:point_right::point_right::point_right:More detail

btw, our first round of airdrop: KSM×PHA Lockdrop is approaching. Every validator with KSM will be able to join and gain DOUBLE REWARDS from both teams. Official cooperation detail will be published on our Medium later in April :slight_smile:

ask any question at https://t.me/phalanetwork if you are interested!

Have a nice day :sunglasses: