Vagrant Boxes with preinstalled Substrate Polkadot and Toolchains?


Some offer official Vagrant Boxes.

I thought, that if W3F could provide official Vagrant Boxes with already installed e.g. Polkadot and Substrate and other development tools (and btw. substrate compiles and installs quiet long time…), it would be very convenient and great development efficiency boost!

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You would be welcome to create your own. In terms of having an official image, I think that would be possible too but I’d need to reach out to our Tech Ed team and see how their time budget is. The team are are a couple of things in the works to help make it easier to play around with Substrate and Polkadot.

Let me push this idea to them and see what they think!

Thank you!
The main point and issue here is to have some official packages with precompiled binaries. Even Slackare style .tar.gz and signed. (so one could download to e.g. official other image , verify and unpack).

Also giving estimates how to provision VMs would be helpful as I tried a couple of times to install Substrate to figure out each time after long time (as compilation takes time) that , either RAM either DISK was too small.

Also I do not see at the end any clear message “Succesfully completed”, to wall of compilation warrnings make me suspicious if there is no some Error in the middle hidden between long list of compiler warnings…
Therefore, I would also suggest some simple sanity checks (e.g. if list of expected compiled binaries is present after compilation) and write “Success, all expected binaries, where succesfully produces”.

(Btw this can be implemented as separate script, so people e.g. doing automation like Ansible could easily integrate)

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That makes sense! I do know there was a community effort to create the docker images, and they then became official images, but I don’t recall what’s the latest in that regard.

Are you already in our Riot chat channels? There is a dedicated technical channel where you could raise these points and see if there is interest from the developers. Plus the people there can always help with understanding issues.

See here:

Actually, I have the same idea. :grinning::smiley:


Riot chat channels

Thank you, but I prefer to limit instead of increase amount of interrups :). While IMs thend to be interrupts driven, as far I as experienced, so I see no point in trying Riot.

Hi @gwpl and @mayun glad to see you are interested in Polkadot/Substrate development tools!

We are currently more focused on docker based projects but as Edward mentioned would be happy if you come up with other ideas and approaches. Please let us know if we can help on the technical side.