Useful links for validators

The following is a list of useful links for understanding the role of validators, as well as how to set one up, and how to secure.



  • Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux
  • CIS CAT - Security auditing tool (multi platform)
  • Linux auditing - Ed’s repo for performing a simple Linux audit (includes scripts)



Further References:

Adding another tool to the audit list: CIS CAT.

I haven’t tried it but former colleagues said that it works well. There is a free version and a pro version. CIS CAT

There is also Nessus offers multiple types of auditing (including host and network scanning). There is a free version but it is supposed to only be for home use. A commercial licence is available but I doubt it is cheap.

Hi, I start testing polkadot alexander on an AvadoServer from DAppNode . Here the github link to the package on ipfs to install it. When more validators will be open on testnet, I will see if this kind of setup survive slashing… If so, it could be a good setup for PoS Validators instead of VPS.


The 2019 Chorus Validator Architecture

Nicely written document from the Chorus One team.

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