Teams building on Polkadot

Amazing to see so many incredible projects building on Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem!

We’re also a “Team Building on Substrate and Polkadot” launching a community governed DeFi platform called, MANTRA DAO, focusing on staking, lending, and governance; built on Rio Chain (, which is a new Substrate based blockchain, we also are a Kusama validator node and plan to be one of the first 100 DOT validator nodes.

Check it out here ( and look forward to working closer with everyone here!

Hi there, please add Infrustructure: Ontology - A blockchain for self-sovereign ID and Data (

Ontology will provide digita lidentity solutions for DeFi projects on Polkadot. Developers shall be able to build better DeFi applications with the help of Trust Score, Reusable KYC & DocuSign functionality.

Contact us:

Thank you!


Please add Litentry as Web3 Foundation Grant Wave 3 team.

We build a identity-based user-centric network and tools on Substrate, and prepared to be parachain on Polkadot.

Thanks in advanced.

Hey, it seems that you didn’t add The team is also building on Polkadot.

Telegram channels: