Subscan: Multi-chain Blockexplorer for Substrate & Polkadot

Subscan ( is the most convenient and easy-to-use multi-chain explorer for Substrate & Polkadot. It now supports Kusama CC3 Network, Edgeware Mainnet, Darwinia Icefrog Testnet, and will support more networks in the future, such as Polkadot, Acala, Plasm, etc.

Subscan provides a convenient query service for the chain developed based on the Substrate framework. Users can use Subscan to view transaction information of exchanges / wallets, such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and staking, etc.

Our advantage

  1. Good user interface experience, the information data is optimized and has good readability.
  2. Multi-terminal access, PC + mobile, the best mobile terminal compatible explorer in the market.
  3. Internationalized adaptation has been done to meet different language environments, Smooth domestic and overseas visits.
  4. Fast iteration and continuous improvement of functions. In the future, it will continue to access popular networks based on Substrate.
  5. Audience users are distributed globally, users have high trust and good stickiness.

We can provide you / your users

  1. Address whitelist tagging.
  2. Partner priority hyperlink diversion.
  3. More customized query services.

Welcome to experience Subscan and make suggestions. At the same time, we look forward to work with you.