imToken wallet (1M MAU) now with DOT + KSM. Feedback very welcome!

Hey, our imToken wallet now supports Polkadot and Kusama, with a couple of additional functions.

As for the community, we are asking to please let us know if you are missing any features or are having troubles! We are very happy to help at or here in the comments, and we are happy to add features requested by the community.

  • :calling: Claim your DOTs from the DOT sale

  • :bar_chart: Create new Polkadot and Kusama accounts & :closed_lock_with_key: backup multiple accounts via one Mnemonic

  • :currency_exchange: Send & receive KSM (& :soon: also DOT)

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Check your transaction history & portfolio prices

  • :classical_building: Staking: Bond & unbond KSM & DOT

  • :balance_scale: Vote on proposals and vote for council members (coming soon)

  • :man_judge: View active validator set & nominate validators