Foreign Language Communities

This is an updated list of all foreign language communities. If anyone has any new ones or realize I missed one please let me know and I will update it.


# Polkadot & Substrate 中文资源

## Polkadot 波卡

Overview - 簡介](

Consensus - 共识创新之路

Governance - 治理


Overview - 簡介

Architecture Design - 架构设计](

Videos 视频

Polkadot 簡介

Substrate 簡介

Community 社区

微信群 - Wechat Group

中文电报群 - Telegram Group

[币乎 - Bihu

微博 - Weib

知乎 - Zhihu


Telegram Group

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Here are some Japanese articles.
Substrate#1 Install and creating an account.

Substrate runtime setting

Polkadot and Substrate Overview

Substrate Overview

Zerochain made by LayerX


Thank you for the update, we are looking to get this updated on the Wiki as well.


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New Korean Telegram to add:

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New Russian Telegram to add:

Here are articles I wrote. Polkadot for dummies may be already added to wiki.

• Polkadot for dummies

• Polkadot vs Cosmos vs Ethereum2.0

• How to be a validator(3articles in total)

•How to forkless upgrade

•Install stable version Substrate

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Thanks masaki! Very much appreciated. If you ever find articles not on the wiki you can open up a PR.

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There is now a Spanish speakers community.


If you are a Polkadot Ambassador: there is also a Spanish speaking ambassador Riot channel, reach out to me or Rory if you want to be added.